System Failover

The length of an outage will depend on several factors.

In the event of a failover, the length of your outage will depend on whether or not the system can correctly redirect everything to the passive system, how long it takes for either the manual or automatic processes to run where you're switching DNS/IP addresses, and the time it takes to bring up the application servers in the passive-now-active system.

Therefore, do your best to ensure that you've set up everything correctly, as described in the Configuring Jive for High-Availability section.

If you've set up the configuration so that all of the nodes correctly redirect to the passive system, here's what will happen during a failover:
Single Data Center
Community users would not see any disruption.
Multiple Data Center
The length of disruption to end users would be between five and ten minutes, during which time, users would see a maintenance page when attempting to view community pages. Downtime depends, of course, on how fast you have set up database replication and how quickly your community administrator(s) react to the outage of Data Center A.

To learn how to start up the system after a failover, be sure to read Starting Up After a Failover.