What's New in the Installation?

The new Jive command-line interface (CLI) installer provides a better way to start, stop and configure an installation, and gives you more flexibility.

We've streamlined the command line procedure to provide a more centralized interface for running, monitoring and troubleshooting your Jive installation. The installation also now provides interactive feedback that will help you understand whether you're meeting installation and upgrade requirements and what your next steps should be. It even records your startup modifications so you can be aware of your customizations during future upgrades.

Benefits of the New Jive CLI Installer and Interface

Saves time tracking down configurations
The site-specific configurations you've always had to make at the command line when installing the Jive platform are now in one place so you can easily view and override them.
Provides tools for managing the platform
We provide a single command-line interface for starting/stopping services and configuring the startup environment.
Enables separation of roles in the IT environment
If your organization prefers to separate the root administration and application administration roles, you can now install the application in a custom location other than the default /usr/local/jive, and run commands using a different user account than the default "jive" user. Whether you use this capability or not, the root user is no longer necessary for the routine operation of the platform.