Jive Logs

Jive provides logs that gather application and service information, warnings, and errors that can help you troubleshoot issues.

By default, your logs can be found in Jive installation directory/var/logs. You can change the log directory by setting main.log_dir:
jive set main.log_dir

Using the logrotate script

You'll find a logrotate script at Jive installation directory/sbin/logrotate. This script cleans up old gc log files and runs the logrotate tool with configuration from Jive installation directory/etc/conf/logrotate.conf. The RPM installation creates a symlink in /etc/cron.hourly to the logrotate script so that it is executed each hour.

Note: If your jive installation directory is not the default /usr/local/jive or you have modified the main.log_dir startup property, you'll need to modify the logrotate script so it references the actual installation directory.