Managing Group Membership

Create user groups to assign permissions to groups of community users. You can add users as members and/or admins. Admins are responsible for administering the user group.

If you want admins to have the same permissions (if any) granted to a user group, then you need to also add them to the Group Member list. When admins are not added to the Group Members list, they only have permission to add or remove users from the Group Members and Group Admins lists, and they do not have the permissions (if any) assigned to the user group.

To edit the membership list for an existing user group

  1. In the Admin Console, go to People > Management > Group Summary.
  2. Click Edit next to the group from which you want to add or delete members.
  3. Click Edit next to Admins or Members depending on which you want to add or edit.
  4. Add members to the group by typing their name in the Add Member box, then clicking the Add button. If you don't know the name, click User Picker to browse or search a list of users, then select the check box for the user you want to add. Unless they have access to the Admin Console, users won't know which user groups they're a part of.
  5. Add admins in the same way you add members. User group administrators have access to the portions of the Admin Console where they can manage settings and membership for the group they're administering. You may want to add this Admin to the Group Member list to grant them user group permissions, if any.
  6. Click Update.