Managing Social Group Permissions

Social groups are places where users can create content such as documents, discussions, and blog posts just like in spaces, but whether you can view, create or manage social groups is controlled by permissions. When you manage the permissions, you are managing what users and user groups can do to social groups and to content within them. For example, you may allow a user to create groups, insert images to content and create attachments to content.

Note: Projects created inside social groups use the same content types as the social group they belong to. For example, If your group only allows users to create blogs or discussions, a project under that group would only allow you to create blogs or discussions as well.

When you manage social group permissions, you decide how users and/or user groups can interact with social groups. They can do any combination of view and create groups, create attachments to content, and insert images. The group owner controls which content types are available for social groups when they create the group, or later when they manage it. For example, groups can have any combination of blogs, discussions, documents, and more.