What are Space Permission Levels?

Permission levels are specific permissions for content types and administrative roles grouped into one. The application includes several standard permission levels, and you can create your own custom ones. When you assign permissions to groups for access to a space, you should assign levels, and then customize as needed with overrides for particular users.

When working with space permissions, you can assign access to the space as a whole, or assign access to particular kinds of content in the space by creating a Custom permission level.

Standard permission levels
Capture how users can access space features at a high level, each bundling fine-grained access to content or administrative roles along a particular theme. The application comes with several predefined levels designed to reflect common roles, including a space administrator, a moderator, a user who can only view content, and so on. See the section on standard permission levels for more on included levels. You can also create your own levels.
Custom permission levels and User Overrides
Bundle fine-grained access to a particular content type. You use content-based permissions when creating your own permission level or overriding permissions for a certain user. For example, you might create a custom level in which people can create new discussion posts, but only comment on documents (rather than create them).
Note: Projects inherit the permissions of the space that contain them. Social groups, on the other hand, are independent of spaces and projects. For more, see Managing Social Group Permissions.