Replacing a Place Template's Default Banner

You can replace the default banner image that appears in a Place Template (such as the Best Practices template) with your own custom image. Or, you can change the background color, text color, and repeating pattern of the default image.
To replace the default banner image with a custom image in a Place Template:
  1. In the end user interface, click Your Avatar > Themes > Place Banner Management (you must have community administrator or Home Page/Customize Site permissions to see this option in your user menu).
  2. On the Template Mapping tab, click Edit on the template you want to change (such as Event Planning).
  3. Change the header text and background color or leave them as is.
  4. Browse to the custom image you want to add and select it.
  5. Set the background position and pattern for the image.
  6. Select Update existing usages if you want your change to update existing images. If you do not select this option, the banner in existing instances of the place template will remain unchanged.
  7. Click Save.