Moving or Copying an Instance

Several features of the application rely on the jiveURL. If you need to change the jiveURL, be sure to read Changing the jiveURL.

Jive's security and licensing service keeps track of your production and development environment(s) and the license(s) required for production environments. To understand how automatic and manual license reporting works, see Managing the Deployment License.

If you change the URL of your instance by copying your instance (changing the jdbcURL) or moving your instance (changing the jiveURL system property), the fingerprint sent to Jive's security and licensing service will differ from the one already recorded. In clustered environments, the master node communicates with Jive's security and licensing service.

Your system will try to communicate with the security service, either automatically or manually (if automatic is not available), on system startup after you've completed the move/copy wizard (which is what pops up when the system figures out you've tried to either move or copy an instance due to URL changes). If your system is unable to successfully communicate within five days, it will stop working except for the Admin Console. Note that you will be warned if automatic license verification with the security service is not an option.

Using the same license, you can:
Note: You cannot copy a production instance and declare the new instance as a production instance with the same license!