Enabling Content Search in Multiple Languages

You can enable documents to be indexed and searched in a language-specific manner.

Note: Content synonyms are language-specific when you enable multiple language search, so make sure you set them per language. For more on synonyms, see Configuring Content Search.
Fastpath: Admin Console > System > Settings > Locale > Enable multi-language search
  1. Enable multi-language search and enter the allowed search languages.
  2. Set the locale for any space whose content should be indexed in a language other than the system default language or its parent space language (Spaces > Settings > Space Settings > Locale).
  3. Rebuild the search index (System > Settings > Search > Content Search > Index Tasks > Rebuild index). Re-indexing your content enables you to search existing and new content in one of the allowed languages that you selected for the parent space.
  4. If multi-language search is enabled and there are more than one allowed languages, the main search page will show an additional language filter so you can select your preferred language when performing searches.