MySQL Database Best Practices

For best results, configure and maintain your MySQL database according to the vendor's requirements and use the Jive best practices.

UTF-8 Requirement

Jive requires the UTF-8 character set. Use the following steps to ensure it's correctly set up:
  1. Use the following command to set the database default character set to UTF-8:


  2. After installation, add the following to the <database> section of the jive_startup.xml file:
    Ensure that the Character Set setting in the Admin Console under System > Management > Locale is set to UTF-8.

Installing the Driver

  • The core application and the Activity Engine will run using the MySQL JDBC Connector/J Driver. The Analytics database is not supported by MySQL.
  • Set your classpath to include the MySQL JDBC Connector/J Driver by typing the following from a command line as the jive user:

    jive set webapp.custom_classpath_additions path/JDBC_Driver.jar

    where path/to/driver is the path to the MySQL JDBC driver and JDBC_Driver.jar is the name of the JAR file.

Other Best Practices with MySQL

Default configuration can vary significantly by version, so it is important to consider the following: