Tips for Creating News Streams

Before you create a news stream, here are some questions to consider.

Does absolutely everyone need this information?
News streams created for Everyone will display on the News page for all registered community users. If you work in a large organization, this could include all people across a wide variety of job roles, divisions, and locations. If you're confident the information will be relevant to all of these users, follow the instructions in Creating a News Stream for Everyone.
How much traffic is generated by the place or blog I want to share content from?
Be sure that the place you select for the news stream isn't too noisy for the intended audience. For example, if your Sales group sometimes contains social chatter, consider creating a more controlled group or blog that contains only key communications, and use that one for the News stream.
Who, exactly, needs this News stream?
You can define audiences by selecting individual people, by filtering on profile fields, and/or by selecting a user permissions group defined in Jive. The last two choices may require some preparation on your part: to make sure you're using profile fields consistently, and to create any permissions groups you need for targeting an audience. Note that the system-defined groups in Jive (under People > Management > User Group Summary) cannot be used to target audiences. You can use any custom-defined groups shown in this screen. These groups may be created manually or synced from an SSO provider. You may need to work with your community manager to define user groups.
What are some examples of News streams I might create?
For a detailed example of how you might create News streams for your community, be sure to read this article in the Jive Community. You must be a registered community user to see this content.