Home Page Options

Home is an optional page that you can configure with a variety of widgets. The configuration options you enable will reflect the needs and use cases of your particular community.

Note: This topic describes the options for what desktop users see when they log in to your community. To set up a landing page experience for users who are viewing the community on a mobile browser, see Creating a Mobile Community Home Page.
Table 1. Overview (Home) Page Options (System > Settings > Home Page)
Option Description
Enable the main navigation Create menu Enabling this setting allows users to create a variety of content, such as discussions and documents, in the community. This option is helpful for communities focused on content creation and sharing, for example, a community focused on employees getting work done together. Be sure to read Enabling the Create Menu to learn more about this feature.
Enable the widgetized community home page
  • Enabling this allows you to configure a Home page with a number of useful widgets, such as the Image Navigation widget that links users to your most common places or content, the Newest Members widget to encourage adoption and participation, and a Featured Content widget that links to your community's important content.
  • If you do not enable a community Home page, your users will not see the Home button and News will be the page users see when they log in.
Simple home page Enabling this will remove the left sidebar that includes links to Inbox and Actions. This option is helpful if you want to de-emphasize the participatory and collaborative features of the application and focus more on content consumption, for example, in a customer or partner support community where people are typically trying to find answers to questions.

If you want to choose a different community page as the default for all users, you can use the skin.default.landingpage system property to set it to any of the Home pages. Check the URL of the target page for the correct value. For example, to set the default page to Activity, set the value to /activity.

This section calls out a few widgets that are commonly used on the Home page, but you have more options. See the Available Widgets Reference for more information.