Basic Spam Prevention

You can use a variety of best practices to avoid spam in your community. Here are some general spam prevention strategies, as well as those that target specific spammers.

Community administrators of externally-facing communities should develop a strategy for dealing with spam. (Internally-facing communities do not typically experience spam.) The following methods are available as general spam-prevention strategies or to target specific spammers. Choose the method(s) that will work best for your community.

In addition to these out-of-the-box features, community managers of externally-facing communities (those that serve customers, vendors, and so on) may want to enable the advanced spam prevention service.

For more information about spam prevention, you might want to check out this document in the Jive Community. Note that you must be a registered user to see this document.

General Spam Prevention Methods

Method Description To learn more, see this topic:
New User Registration Moderation Assign a moderator(s) to approve or reject new user registrations. (Community must not be using SAML). Moderating User Registrations
Captcha for New User Registrations Require that users type in a Captcha image when they register for the community. Configuring User Registration
Email Validation Require that the application send an email to the address a new user provides at registration. The user must then use a link in the email to complete registration. Configuring User Registration
Restrict Email Domains Restrict the domains from which email registrations can be accepted. Set the following parameters in Admin Console: > System > Management > System Properties: registration.domainRestriction.enabled = true = the list of allowed domains, separated by commas = your company name
Captcha at User Log In Require that users type in a Captcha image when they log in to the community. Configuring Login Security
View-only Guest Users Disable the ability of guests to create content by limiting the permissions of "Everyone" to view-only (guests are members of "Everyone"). You would give only Registered Users the ability to create content. Managing Permissions
Akismet for Blog Comments Use Akismet to help prevent blog comment spam. Configuring Blogs System-Wide
Keyword and/or Message Governor Interceptors Limit the frequency of posts and search for spam keywords. Configuring Interceptors
Abuse Reporting Allows users to report abusive content by clicking an abuse label on the content, which is then sent to a moderator. Setting Up Abuse Reporting
Content Moderation Enable content moderation so that users must submit content for approval before it's published in the community. Moderating Content
Link Moderation Moderate content that contains external URLs that are not whitelisted. You can also configure link moderation so that all content by users who do not have a certain amount of status points is automatically moderated. System > Moderation > Configure Spam Link Prevention

Targeting Specific Spammers

Method Description To learn more, see this topic:
Ban Users Ban malicious users by blocking their login credentials or their IP address. Banning People
Ban IP Addresses Ban one or more or a range of IP addresses. Banning People