Selecting a Search Service

A Jive On-Premise installation uses On-Premise Search service by default, and the Hosted installation uses the Cloud Search service by default. But you can change these defaults if necessary.

Hosted Deployment

When you elect to use Jive in a Hosted environment, by default, you use the Jive Cloud Search service with all its benefits. If you want your Hosted instance of Jive to use an On-Premise Search service, you need to contact Jive Support and Jive Hosting by filing a support ticket making this special request.

On-Premise Deployment

Your On-Premise installation of Jive can use an On-Premise Search service once you install Search service on its own node. With an On-Premise installation of Jive, you can switch between Cloud or On-Premise Search services, but when you change the Search service, you must initiate a content index rebuild. For more on this, see the Index tasks in Configuring Content Search.