Setting Space Name, Locale, and Allowed Content Types

You can change a space's name and description if the space's focus changes. You can also change its display name, which is the name used in URLs that link to the space.

Fastpath: Admin Console > Spaces > Settings > Space Settings

Display name is the text displayed at the end of the space's URL in the browser's address bar. For some people, using the space's URL is a quick way to get to the space. (Note that you can't change the display name for the root space.)

Change the space's Locale setting to set end user UI characteristics such as language, date format, and so on. Keep in mind that this locale setting applies to one of several locale behaviors. For more on how the locale is chosen for display to the user, see Locale Settings.

For sub-spaces, you can also set which content types the space supports. For example, by clearing the Documents check box, you'll remove the Create a document link from the space's Actions list. It also means that users won't be able to select that space when choosing where to put a new document they're creating using the Create menu. Such a change also applies to existing content. So, if users have created documents in the space, and then you clear the Documents check box to remove support for them, existing documents will no longer be viewable in the space (although they'll still exist).