Setting a Document Approver in a Space

You can specify someone to approve all documents created in a space before the documents can be published and made visible to other users. With a space approver assigned, users will submit a document for approval before it is published. You specify space approvers in the Admin Console as a setting for each space.

Fastpath: Admin Console > Spaces > Settings > Document Settings
Note: A space approver only approves documents in a space. If you want to control more than documents, use the moderation feature. To learn more about that, see the Moderation section.

Setting Space Approvers

To set space approvers, type the approver's username in the Add User box. You can also browse for users with the Select People tool. You can add more than one approver.

How Space Approval Works

  1. A user creates a document in the space.
  2. The user clicks "Send for approval" and the document goes into an approval queue. The document isn't actually sent somewhere, but is marked for approval by the application.
  3. The approver will know when something needs approval by the alert in their Inbox.
  4. By clicking on the document from the Inbox, the approver can view the document and then approve or reject it. If they approve it (and if all other approvers approve it), the document will be published. If they reject it, they can enter an explanation and the document will be sent back to the author as a draft.
  5. The author can edit and resubmit the document.

Note that a document can also have document-level approvers designated by the author when creating the document. To learn more about that, see Document Approval. All approvers must approve before the document is published.