Understanding Jive Search

Jive Search is made up of People search and Content/Places search. As of Jive 6.0, Content/Places search is available as a Cloud service, but if you are deploying Jive as an on-premise installation, you have the option to connect your instance to the Jive Cloud Search service or to install your own copy of the On-Premise search alternative.

Content and Places Search

The Content and Places search infrastructure is a separate service from Jive Core, so other parts of Jive can communicate with it over a precisely defined application interface. This separation makes it possible to have multiple compatible implementations of the Search service and enables Jive to make improvements to the Cloud Search Service in a way that is completely transparent. Also see Configuring Content Search.

People Search

The infrastructure that supports People or User search is embedded inside the Jive Core application, which is similar to how all search worked in previous versions of Jive. However, the relevance algorithms in People search have been improved to ensure that matches on a name field are higher than matches in other profile elements. Also see Configuring User Search.