Downloading the Theme Resource Kit

Jive Software strongly recommends using the out-of-the-box Theming Tool whenever possible due to upgrade risks when using Soy or Freemarker themes. Alternatively, you can engage Jive Software's professional service team to help you develop a custom theme if you don't want to do it yourself. Just ask your Jive Software account representative about this service.
  1. Make sure you have administrator privileges to the instance.
  2. In the end user interface, click your avatar in the upper right and select Customize Your Site and then Advanced > Resource Kit Theme.
  3. Click Download the Resource Kit and save the ZIP file. (If you don't see the download option there, you can get the kit from your local instance here /your_jive_instance/theme/ or you can download it from the Jive Community. Note that you must be a registered user to access this ZIP file.)
  4. Save a copy of the ZIP and rename it to something like MyNewTheme.
  5. Expand MyNewTheme to extract the sample files inside.
  6. Use the sample files as models to create your own custom theme.
  7. To upload and preview your new theme, see the instructions in Uploading a Kit-based Theme.