Uploading a Kit-based Theme

Jive Software strongly recommends using the out-of-the-box Theming Tool whenever possible due to upgrade risks when using Soy or Freemarker themes. Alternatively, you can engage Jive Software's professional service team to help you develop a custom theme if you don't want to do it yourself. Just ask your Jive Software account representative about this service.
Note: Remember that themes you develop based on the resource kit are applied as the global theme. Therefore, we recommend thoroughly testing your themes on a test instance before deploying them on your production instance.
  1. Compress the files in the theme you created under sampleTheme/ into a ZIP file.
  2. In the end user interface, go to Customize Your Site > Advanced > Resource Kit Theme. You must have administrator privileges to see this option in the end user interface.
  3. Upload your theme by clicking Browse, selecting the ZIP file, and then clicking Upload. It may take a few minutes for the upload to complete.
  4. If you have already uploaded a theme kit this way before, the application will run a diff for you so that you can see which files have changed. You'll need to confirm the changes before you can preview them.
  5. Preview the changes in the preview pane.
  6. Click Apply Custom Design to publish your theme. (In the Admin Console on System > Settings > Themes, you'll see this new theme listed in the Available Themes menu as "generated_advanced_skin_global". You cannot change this name.)
Every time you upload a new theme based on the resource kit files via the Customize Your Site interface, the newly uploaded theme will overwrite any existing themes you uploaded this way.

Don't forget that if you upgrade your site, you'll need to upgrade your themes, too.