Creating a Custom Tile

If you are a place owner, you can create custom tiles that include a list of links to helpful content, people, and places in your community, and even to links outside your community. Your custom tiles will be available to all of the places that you own. Community managers can create custom tiles and make them available to all places in the community.

A custom tile provides just the right links to content, people, or places. For example, a custom tile might be helpful for an HR group to list all of this month's new hires and include a link to the community's Onboarding group. An Engineering space might find it useful to have a list of the team's power users with a link to an external documentation site, like this:
Example of a custom tile
To create a custom tile, first you'll create it, then configure it to include the links you want to feature.

Create a Custom Tile

  1. Go to the place that you own and click Manage > Settings in the upper right.
  2. Beneath the included default tiles on the right, click Add a tile.
  3. Under Categories, select Create New Tile.
  4. Choose the kind of tile you want:
    Option Description
    Content/Place Use this tile if you want to create links to specific content items and/or places in your community.
    People Use this tile if you want to create links to specific people in your community.

Configure Your Custom Tile

  1. After you have created your custom tile, you'll see it immediately on your place's preview page. Click the new tile's gear icon to begin customizing it.
  2. Give the tile a name, something that describes the tile's content, such as "Accounting Superstars" or "Engineering Docs."
  3. Add the links to the content, people, or places that you want this tile to display.
  4. Optionally, you can add a link to the bottom of the tile to an internal community page or an external URL.
  5. Select the security type for this tile. Here are the options, which depend on your permissions (i.e., whether you're a place owner or a community manager):
    Option Description
    Locked Tile Locking the tile will make you the only person who can edit it. Other owners of the place can remove the tile from the place, but they cannot edit it. If you edit the tile, note that all instances of the tile (in other places that you own) will be updated.

    If you do not lock the tile, any changes that you or other place owners make to the tile will affect all instances of the tile. To paraphrase Voltaire, "With great power comes great responsibility."

    Global Tile Only users with Manage Community or Full Access permissions will see this option. All place owners in the community will be able to use this tile.

    If you lock the tile, all place owners will be able to use the tile but not edit it.

    If you do not lock the tile, all place owners will be able to edit the contents of the tile (but not its title). If other place owners edit the content of the tile, all instances of the tile in the community will be updated.
  6. Click Apply.