Setting Up the Ask Widget

The Ask (a place) widget allows users to quickly ask a question in a specific space or group in your community, or the entire community. After the user types a question into the Ask widget, the search function displays possible answers based on matching keywords. If the user doesn't see the correct answer in the results list, they can create a discussion right from the widget. This can be very helpful in places designed to support customers or employees.

  1. Go to the place you own and click Manage > Overview Page to begin editing the place's Overview page. (If you're editing the community's Home page, you'll click your avatar in the upper right corner, and then Manage > Overview Page).
  2. From the widgets list, select Content > Ask (place).
  3. Drag the widget down into your layout area and drop it where you want it.
  4. Click the small triangle in the upper right corner of the widget and select Edit this widget.
  5. Use the title "Ask (place)" or create your own, for example, "Ask Us a Question". You can also change the text that will be displayed on the actual Ask button, for example, instead of "Ask It," you might want "Submit Your Question".
  6. Specify the place you want to perform the search. You can search in the current place, a single place that you specify, or all public places in the community (this would be your "root" space).
  7. Select the number of results to return in the search.
  8. You have some options for what will be displayed in the search results. You can select one, some, or all of these options:
    Option Description
    All Questions Displays in search results all questions that have been asked, whether or not they have been answered.
    All Discussions Displays only discussions in search results.
    Answered Questions Displays only Answered Questions in search results.
    Documents Displays only documents in search results.
  9. Select the place you want questions posted to. This can be different from the place where the Ask widget is located. For example, you could put the Ask widget in an "Employee Questions" group, but post the questions to the "Employee Q&A" group.
  10. Click Save Properties.
  11. When you're finished making changes to your place's layout, click Publish Layout.