What's New in Jive 8?

Here are some of the many new features and improvements you'll see in Jive 8.

To stay up to date on all the latest product features, join the Jive Community and follow the Jive Platform space.

If you're upgrading, be sure to read this post in the Jive Community for a more detailed look at what's changed between Jive 6, 7, and 8. You'll need to join the Jive Customer Hub group to use this resource.

News is the central place for you to see what's happening in the community. The News page features a variety of streams created for you by your community manager, designed to direct you to the content and places you need to know about. Read all about it here in the end user documentation. If you have permission to create News streams, learn how to do that here.
Spotlight Search
The redesigned Spotlight Search is a great way to quickly find items using keywords, when you don't need a more detailed investigation. It automatically includes wildcards as you type parts of words. Check out the History and Suggestions tabs to pull up your viewing history or things you look at often.
Your View
Now you can manage your very own page (only visible to you) and personalize it with tiles to help you organize your world. Learn how to set up Your View here in the end user documentation.
Place Pages
Place owners can add pages to a place in addition to the default Activity page, and configure the pages with tiles containing key information (static or dynamic). Read more about this here.
Follow a Tag
Follow a tag to easily stay up to date on all content containing the tag. To learn how to follow a tag, be sure to read Following a Tag.
Multiple Places Content Sharing
In the same way you can share content with people, you can now share content with one or more places to make it easier to find and reach a wider audience.
Role Badges
Find out people's jobs around your community using these helpful labels. A role badge next to a user's name indicates that user's role in the community, such as Champion, Expert, or Employee. To enable this, check out Adding User Groups.
Email Unsubscribe Link
If you want to unsubscribe from email notifications without logging into the community first, you can! To set this up for your users, read this handy help topic.
Responsive Web Design
Take Jive anywhere! If you change your browser size -- for example, switch from your desktop computer to your mobile browser -- you'll see the same Jive interface fully optimized for whatever device you're using.
Translation Improvements
The Jive 8.0.5 release improves the i18n of Jive in many ways. If this is something you've been looking forward to, it's worth upgrading to 8.0.5 now.
Custom Mobile Landing Page
Create a custom community landing page for users accessing the full community from a mobile device. This mobile-friendly home page, which uses tiles rather than widgets, works with the new responsive web design. Jive automatically switches to this display when users access the home page using a small screen or a narrow browser width.
Promoted Results
To ensure key policies and documents are always listed in search results, you can now associate content items with search keywords and phrases. Promoted results are called out visually and ranked in the order you specify. To read more about it, see Promoting Content Search Results.
Place Categories
You can now associate up to 12 categories per place so users have an easier time finding places when searching and browsing.
Community Manager Reports Improvements (Cloud Service)
Use the Community Health Report to track changes in user registrations, activity, and question resolution over time. The Successful Search Queries report identifies frequent searches in your community that result in a click through.

End of Life and Deprecation

We no longer support Internet Explorer 8 and Safari 6. For a list of the browsers we support, see Supported Browsers.
Twitter Integration
The Twitter integration available in previous releases has been replaced by the StreamOnce Twitter integration. See the StreamOnce documentation for more details.
Deal Room Add-on
We are deprecating the Deal Room add-on as of July 2017. Please use the Salesforce Chatter add-on to enrich your Jive Activity stream with content from Salesforce.