Enabling Ideas By Default in Places

Fastpath: Admin Console: Ideas > Idea Settings > Properties

You can set the ideas feature so that when a new place (such as a space, project, or group) is created, the ideas content type is enabled for the place. Ordinarily, when someone creates a new place, they can choose which content types can be created in the new place -- this setting turns that on by default for ideas. The person creating the place can still turn it off at that time.

Keep in mind that enabling ideas for spaces, or for a particular space, will also turn on permissions for ideas there. If permissions for a space have been customized, such as through user overrides that grant or deny particular permissions, you should take a look at permissions for the space to ensure that they are as you'd like them to be. For more information, see the permissions documentation on creating user overrides.

In the admin console on the Ideas Properties page, select the Ideas enabled by default check box, then click Save. You'll need to restart the Jive application for the changes to take effect.