Setting Up Jive for Google Docs

Prepare Jive for integrating with Google Docs by verifying you have the Jive Integration Platform (previously StreamOnce) add-on in your community, and setting up a Jive Integration account that uses a Google for Work account.

To prepare to connect to Google Docs:

  1. In addition to your Google integration user, you need a Jive user whose email is in the Google for Work domain. Assign this user Manage System permissions.

    Here's more on the integration accounts and assigning Jive permissions:

    Google Integration User
    This user should have been set up the Google for Work side. This account is not a actual community member, and is only used for this integration. The Google integration user owns the Google Drive folders created from your community.
    Jive Integration Account
    This needs to be a Jive user account. This user:
    • Can access your Google for Work domain.
    • Has Admin Console: Permissions > System Administration. Select the Jive System Administrator permission of Manage System.
    Manage System Permission
    To assign the Manage System permission, create a user override for the integration user in For more on user permissions, see the Core help.
  2. Sign into Jive with your Jive integration account user.
  3. In the Admin Console, make sure you select Enabled for the Add-Ons Registry by going to Add-ons > Cloud Settings.
  4. Select your avatar > Add-ons to verify the Jive Integration Platform add-on is installed and configured. It should be installed by default as shown in the following image:

  5. Proceed to Installing the Google Docs Add-on and Adding Google Drive as an External Storage Provider.