Installing the Jive for Google Drive Files & Docs Add-On

You can get the Jive for Google Drive Files & Docs Add-on by installing the add-on from the Add-Ons Registry and then configuring it.

To install and configure the Google Docs add-on:

  1. Log into Jive with a user who can access Google for Work and has permission to install add-ons. This user needs Jive's Administrator permission of Manage System.
  2. Select your avatar > Add-ons.
  3. Click All Add-ons > Available. You'll see the add-on in the list of Available add-ons as shown in the following image:

  4. Next to the Google Drive Files & Docs add-on, click Install.
  5. Once installed, the configuration window opens.
  6. Click the gear icon next to Google Drive Files & Docs add-on to restrict usage of the app to certain Jive user groups and then click Save Changes. Remember, you can go to Admin Console:People > Create User Group to create user groups and give them certain Jive permissions.
  7. Click Advanced Settings. The Advanced Settings allow you to modify the timeout values for the OAuth tokens used for authentication with the Google service. Normally, you should not need to modify the default values.
  8. Click Save Settings if you made any changes.
  9. Click Save and Activate.