How Permissions Work With Google

When connecting a Jive Place to Google for Work, the integration either assigns permissions to individual users or creates Google user groups.

You have two ways you can set up permissions for this integration:

By Individual
Any user who can read content in the Jive place will be added to the "can view" list for the Google-connected folder, and users who can create content in the Jive place will be added as "can edit."
By group
The integration creates up to two Google groups per connected Jive place, and users will be added to the appropriate group per their permission level in the Jive place. For example, in a member-only Jive group, the integration creates a Google user group and adds it to the "can edit" list for the Google-connected folder. Any member of the Jive group gets added to the Google user group.
Note: The created Google groups are hidden, and will not show up for users in any of the Google apps.

The following image shows how Google permisisons look: