Adding Jive Webparts to Your Site

The Jive People, Jive Content, and Jive Activity webparts can be added to your SharePoint site once a Site Collection admin has installed the Webparts App to the site collection in SharePoint.

Adding Webparts to Your SharePoint Site

The following procedure provides the basic steps for adding webparts to your SharePoint site.

  1. Create a group with a user who is mapped to Jive and SharePoint. You can identify users who are mapped to both places because they have the same email address in Jive and SharePoint.
  2. Navigate to the SharePoint site signed in as a SC admin or a user with full control permissions.
  3. Navigate to Sites Content > New > app > webparts app. Installation will take about a minute.
  4. Once installed navigate to the site's Home page, and then click Edit. A new page opens.
  5. Click Insert > Web parts and add the three webparts: Jive people, Jive activity, Jive content.
  6. Click Save.
  7. To verify the webparts are working correctly, log out as Admin, and back into SharePoint with a user mapped to Jive and SharePoint.
  8. Look for content in the Jive webparts.
    Note: To learn more about these new Jive webparts, see About Jive Webparts.