Setting Up the SharePoint Side

To set up the SharePoint side of Jive for SharePoint Online and Jive for Office 365 Online, you need to create an app catalog, upload the SharePoint-side Jive app, set up a site collection, and then add the app.

The SharePoint Online integration links places in Jive to sites in SharePoint. To create a link between the SharePoint tenant and your Jive site, you'll install an SharePoint-side app that will communicate with a Jive-side add-on. The following overview shows the steps needed to upload and deploy the app, create the site collection, and get the authentication token to set up the Jive side.
Note: These steps are required for both the SharePoint and Office Online integrations. If you are using both integrations, you only have to do them once.

To set up the SharePoint Online side of the integration and make sure you have the information to set up the Jive side:

  1. Create an integration user for Jive for Office 365 who has at least Site Collection Administrator access. This user will serve as the service account for the Jive integration. Make sure it is well-secured, because it will need to have access to all the site collections you create as part of the integration.
  2. Log in as the integration user you just created.
  3. Create an app catalog in the SharePoint Admin Center. An app catalog provides the location where content apps can be published. Full instructions for creating an app catalog can be found in the Microsoft documentation here.
  4. On the Apps for SharePoint tab, select Upload and upload the SharePoint-side Jive app provided by Jive.
  5. Navigate to the SharePoint Admin Center by clicking Admin > SharePoint from the top menu bar in Office 365.
  6. Create one or more site collections that will contain SharePoint sites that will be linked to Jive places. (Each place you create will have a corresponding site inside the site collection.) It may take a few minutes for your site collection to be live after you create it: if you're looking at the list of URLs, your site is live when the link is live. Note that any site collection created later must grant admin access to the integration user.
  7. Create a restricted site collection that will host only the SharePoint-side Jive app. You should select limited storage and Team Site.
  8. Go to the URL of the restricted site collection.
  9. Click Site Contents in the left pane
  10. Click add an app.
  11. Under Apps you can add, select the Jive-Office integration app. The settings should allow full control of the site collection and site, and the Let it have full control of the list: setting should say Documents. Click Trust It to deploy the app.
    Warning: The app always inherits the permissions of the service account that last clicked the app. Make sure the integration user you created above is the only user who has access to the site collection that hosts the Jive-Office integration app.
  12. Click the app. You'll see a text file (shown below) that includes the authentication token you need to connect your SharePoint site collection to Jive external storage when you configure the Jive-side add-on.
When you have completed this setup you can continue by configuring the Jive for Office365 add-on. You'll use the URLs of your SharePoint site and site collection as well as the authentication token from the app to configure the add-on.