Client Installation

You can allow users to install the client program themselves from the Tools menu in the community, or you can use the MSI to push it to their desktops.

You can allow end users to install the client program manually from the Tools page in Jive or directly from YourCommunityURL/artifact/download/outlook.exe. You can also push the client to user desktops in either enabled or disabled mode. Download the MSI from YourCommunityURL/artifact/download/outlook.msi. (In earlier versions, the exe and MSI were found at YourCommunityURL/office/download/ instead of YourCommunityURL/artifact/download/.)
Note: If you're pushing the client to desktops using the MSI installer, make sure you ensure the client meets the minimum system requirements. The MSI installer will not verify the requirements.

Resetting the Binaries

If you need to work with Support to troubleshoot problems with updating your client version, you can use the manual update and Reset Binaries settings to make sure you have the correct version of the client binaries on your server.
Note: Don’t use these settings without a recommendation from Support.
To get to these settings:
In the admin console, click System > Settings > Jive for Outlook > Client Binaries.