Account Wizard

Complete account information using the SharePoint Setup wizard.

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Settings > Jive for SharePoint > Settings

To complete account information:

  1. Click New Connection. The Connection wizard opens.
  2. In the SharePoint version fields, choose one of the two supported versions: 2010 or 2013.
  3. In the Authentication type field, choose how Jive will authenticate to SharePoint. (SharePoint-to-Jive authentication is always handled by sending a token to SharePoint via a service API.) NTLM and Kerberos are both supported. Note that if you use claims authentication, you should extend the SharePoint web application to use a different authentication type and a different address. This will enable your regular web application to continue working in claims. You can find more information about extending the web application here.
  4. Select either Site Collection or Web Application in the Selection Type field.
  5. In the Connection Name field, provide a name to identify the connection.
  6. In the Site Collection URL field, provide the full URL of the SharePoint site collection you want to link to your Jive site, or when connecting to a web application, provide the default site collection URL that new sites will be created under. Use the same address a user would use to access the site.
  7. In the Username and Password fields, Provide the username and password of an account with administrator rights to the site collection you're connecting to. To ensure continuous uptime, you should set the password for this account to never expire.
  8. In the SharePoint Domain field, provide the domain name. If your SharePoint domain is secured with Kerberos, a fully qualified domain name is required.
  9. Click Next.