General Troubleshooting

This section provides general troubleshooting procedures for SharePoint.

Fatal Error when deploying the SharePoint Package

If the you are deploying the SharePoint package and get the script shows a FATAL ERROR, you can find the reason of failure in two places:
  1. The line above the fatal error message in the script window.
  2. In the Central Administration website, under Manage Farm Solutions, you can click the solution link, and then SharePoint shows the error.

After restoring a SharePoint Site, nothing seems to work anymore!

With the help of a Jive Professional Services engineer, you need to refresh the GUID in Jive after restoring a SharePoint site. When you restore SharePoint sites, they all get new IDs. This procedure brings the new site IDs back into Jive. The Refresh File ID script will generate a SQL script to run in Jive database with the updated GUID and is valid for mode 1 and mode 2

To refresh the GUID:

  1. Make sure you download and unzip the version of that matches your version of SharePoint, which is either or
  2. Type the following at a command line. It can be run on either Site Collection and Site level. On a site collection level it will automatically inspect all the sites and detect any file that are connected to jive (mode 1 and mode 2).
    JiveRefreshFileId.exe "http://FULL-URL-TO-SITE-OR-SITE-COLLECTION/"
  3. You will find two files output by the script, a CSV file and an SQL file.
    • The CSV output file reports the files detected, along with site URL and IDs. For example:
      "cdfb3cc2-e5eb-4acb-abee-8b8944c49d2f","1211","Jive Documents/activity+json-1211.txt",""
      "c937adbc-f3c3-4b8f-969e-1d20968de078","1397","setJiveFileMapping/activity json.txt",""
    • The SQL output file is a ready-to-execute SQL update script that can be run on Jive. For example:
      update spdocuments set documentguid='cdfb3cc2-e5eb-4acb-abee-8b8944c49d2f' where documentid=1211;
      update spdocuments set documentguid='c937adbc-f3c3-4b8f-969e-1d20968de078' where documentid=1397;
      update spdocuments set documentguid='94c0569f-8eb5-4501-8b4b-b5d12fc7456b' where documentid=1399;