Permissions in Jive and SharePoint

Linked SharePoint sites are always based on a Jive place. Their permissions reflect both Jive place behavior and user permissions within SharePoint. A user who doesn't have access in Jive won't be able to access the linked site in SharePoint.

Admins should belong to the Full Control principal defined in the Jive-SharePoint connection, and will have full permissions to all Jive-linked SharePoint sites; all other users should belong to the Everyone principal. For more on this, read Site Details Wizard.

When a user creates a new SharePoint site when connecting a Jive Place, permissions are set according to the group type: open or private/secret. The group type determines the assigned users and security group.
Open Groups
Jive for SharePoint does not set the user permissions dynamically, and there is no sync between Jive and SharePoint.
Private and Secret Groups
Jive for SharePoint sets user permissions according to Jive Place permissions in a one way sync. The user permissions set in Jive are carried over to Sharpeoint, but if any changes are made in SharePoint, they won't be brought back to Jive. This ensures the users exist in Jive without conflicts.