Creating Answered and Unanswered Questions Tiles

The Answered Question and Unanswered Questions tiles can be beneficial in places where people ask questions and look for answers. These tiles help place visitors see at a glance what's been asked and answered.

The Answered Questions tile lists the place's recently answered questions, for example, questions that include a reply marked as Correct Answer. This tile can be helpful in places where people go to find answers, such as a Customer Support group or IT space. The Answered Questions tile also helps users understand that the place is active and effective — questions are being asked and answered.

The Unanswered Questions tile helps encourage users to answer questions they see listed in the tile. You might also use the Unanswered Questions tile to determine upcoming work projects. For example, the manager of an accounting space might use the unanswered questions tile for project planning.

  1. Go to your place.
  2. To open the Activity page for editing, select Manage > Settings.
  3. To open a Custom page for editing, open the page and click Edit page.
  4. Click Add a tile.
  5. Under Lists - Dynamic, select either the Answered Questions or Unanswered Questions tile.
  6. In Title, specify the title for the tile.
    The default title is Answered Questions or Unanswered Questions depending on selected the tile. For example, in your place, it might be more appropriate to call the tile as Correct Answers.
  7. In Sort by, select whether you want the newest or oldest questions to display first in the list.
  8. In Number of items to display, specify the maximum number of questions to be displayed in the tile.
    By default, the limit is set to 10 questions. The number cannot exceed 25 questions.
  9. When you're finished configuring the tile, click Save.
  10. Click Save to save the page settings.
The tile is added to the page. If the place has questions, they are listed in the appropriate tile.