When Widgets are Enabled for Places

When widgets are available to design pages for places in your community, you may need to choose between pages based on widgets and pages based on tiles. Because tiles provide a better user experience and perform better, we recommend them over widgets.

When you're setting up a new place and widgets are enabled in your community, you can choose to enable an Overview page, which uses widgets, or an Activity page, which uses tiles. Place templates, which are customized for specific kinds of collaboration, always use tiles. Tiles use newer technology and are mobile-optimized; widgets cannot be displayed on a mobile device. Keep in mind that if you disable the Overview page in a place, you can choose to add additional tile-based custom Pages, which let you spread out your content over multiple tabs with less content (and thus better mobile usability). For more on tiles, see add tiles and external stream integrations.

Use widgets when:
Use tiles when:

Advanced Options When Widgets are Enabled

If widgets are enabled in your community, you may need to set your place's navigation to Activity + Pages to take advantage of tiles (recommended):

  1. Go to the landing page for your place and click the gear icon > Settings or click the info icon > Edit. The Edit page opens.
  2. Click Advanced Options > Activity + Pages, and then OK.
    Note: If you would rather use an Overview page with widgets, instead of Activity + Pages, you can choose one of the two options that include an Overview page. If you select Activity + Overview Page, you'll need to specify which page will be the landing page for the place.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page.