Overview of streams

A stream shows you real-time updates of activity as people interact with content, people, and places in the community.

You can see streams on the News page and the Activity page of any place. Streams are updated when someone creates a document, replies to a blog post, posts a status update, and so on.

Examples of activities which update streams

Here are some examples of activities that trigger new stream items for people, places, and content that you're following in a stream:
  • Content: Someone modifies the content item, for example, edits, comments on, or replies to it.
  • People: Someone posts a status update, creates a content item, or comments on a content item.
  • Places: Someone updates content in the place, for example, publishes a new document, edits a blog post, shares content with a place, or comments on a document that lives in the place.
  • Tags: Someone creates or modifies an item with a tag you're following in the stream, or adds the tag to a content item.

Tracking new activity in streams

Here are some ways you can track new activity in your streams:

Activity indicators
When there is new activity in your streams, such as likes, comments, edits, or new content, you can see an indicator dot next to the stream name on your News page. If you hover over the indicator, you can see the count of new activity for that stream since you last viewed it.

Activity indicator and activity count
Stream views
When you select a stream, you are viewing all activity, with the Most Recent content listed first. If you want to view only the content you are following in that stream, you should select Top & Trending to sort activity by the most active content since you last viewed the stream.

Most Recent and Top and Trending stream views
Update lines
As you are scrolling through your stream, you can see the End of New Updates line, so you know when you've seen all the new activity for that stream. If you continue scrolling, you can see the End of Previous Updates line that shows you the updates from last time you checked.
End of new updates End of previous updates

Streams to follow

Here are some streams you can view to follow activity in your community:

All Activity: Most Recent stream
You can see all public activity that you have permission to see in this stream.
Custom streams
You can create your own custom streams that show only the people, places, and content items you select.

For more information, see Creating custom streams.

People and Place activity streams
Each person and place in the community has an activity stream. You can see yours under your profile, and places have a place-specific stream that shows up on place pages.
News streams
News streams are those listed to the left of your custom streams. They were created by your community manager to help you see important content. For more information about how these streams work, see Overview of News and Overview of News streams.

Notifications about streams

You can also select your notification preferences by clicking Your avatar > Preferences.