Creating Ask a Question tile

An Ask a Question tile provides a field where users can type their question. As they type, search results are shown in the tile, and if no answers are found, they can create a new question from the tile.

When you add an Ask a Question tile to a place, the tile searches for all content types within the place. If a user does not find an answer, this place is also used as the default place for creating a question.

To add an Ask a Question tile:

  1. Go to your place.
  2. To open the Activity page for editing, select Manage > Settings.
  3. To open a Custom page for editing, open the page and click Edit page.
  4. In either a wide or narrow column, click Add a tile.
  5. Select Support > Ask a Question.
    The tile is added to the page.
  6. Click Save to save the page settings.
An Ask a Question tile to your place.