Creating content

You can create items of the types available in your community. You should choose a content type based on your collaborative goals.

To create a content item:

  • Click Create Menu, and then select the content type of the item.

    For example, you can draft a discussion, question, document, or blog post.

Note: You may not see the Create menu (Create Menu) if your community manager disabled the feature.

Most collaborative activities occur in discussions, questions, and documents. Blog posts are typically used for viewpoint essays and other long-form communications that don't invite collaboration. For a more detailed analysis of the differences between these types of content, see Differences between documents, blog posts, and discussions.

Private and public content

By default, the content you create is public in the community and searchable. The power of a community is that everyone in the community can benefit from shared content. However, in some cases, you may want to limit who sees content and who can collaborate on it with you. For more information about deciding who can see and collaborate on your documents, see Using documents. For more information about private discussions, see Using discussions and questions. You can also choose to publish your content in a private social group that limits content to approved members.

For more information about private and public content, see Public and private communications.

Monitoring your content

You automatically follow all content that you create, so you receive an update in your Inbox whenever anyone responds to your content or, if it's a document, changes it. You can also delete any comments on your content, as well as delete the content entirely.

For more information about Inbox, see Tips for using Inbox.