Adding Videos to Comments or Content

Add a new or existing video to content or to a comment or reply in your community.

To add a video in comments or content:

  1. In the toolbar of the content editor, click Pencil icon. The Publish a Video page opens.
  2. Select the method you want to use to add a video.
    • Upload, Record, or Embed: To add a new video that you upload, record, or embed yourself.
    • Browse Jive Videos: To use a video already in your community.
  3. If you picked Browse Jive Videos, then select the video and click Insert video. From here, you can click Add comment or Publish.
  4. If you picked upload, record or embed your own video, then you'll see those options in the Choose a Video Source dialog.
    1. If enabled, you will see the option to upload a video from your computer. To upload, select Upload a Video, click Browse, select your video, and then click Open > Insert video.
    2. Use the webcam on your computer to record a video. To record, select Record Via Webcam. You may need to give Flash permission to access your webcam and microphone. Then click rec > Upload.
    3. Link to a video from a website. To embed a video, select Embed a Video, enter the URL in the field provided, then click Import video. When you see the video, click Insert Video.
  5. Once you see your video, you can click Add comment, Publish, Create Document, or Post.