Creating custom blog stream

You can use these steps to quickly create a custom stream for all your favorite community blogs.

Before you start adding blogs to a stream, you need to create your own custom stream, as described in Creating custom streams. It can be something like Awesome Blogs. Save the stream, but don't add anything to it yet.

To create a blog stream:

  1. Navigate to a community blog you like. Go to Content > All > Blog Posts.
  2. When you find a post from a blog you like, click on it, then click the name of the blog post.
    This opens the home page of the blog.
  3. Click Follow, and select the blog you want to follow.

Every time the blog which you follow is updated or commented on, you can see a stream update and get an email (if you enabled email notification).

If you get too many emails, you can turn off email notifications:

  1. Go to your avatar > Preferences.
  2. Clear Email for the blogs where you don't want to receive notifications by email.

This option may be not unavailable in your community. For more information, see Customizing notifications.