Copying content

You can copy a document as a new document, discussion, or blog post.

Restriction: You must be able to edit the document you want to copy.

Copying documents streamlines quite a few use cases, such as the following:

  • Copy documents to different places if you want to push out a clean version and empty comments. This is great for posting release communications to different audiences, such as customers and partners.
  • Use a document as a template that can then be used again and again to easily recreate documents. This is useful for processes in a company, or templates with agencies. For more information, see Creating templates.
  • Work privately with your team and then push out a clean copy to a public place or even as a blog post to the News stream.
  • Use ghost blogging where the ghostwriter authors the initial version. The publishing author does a copy-document on the initial version to publish it under their name.

To copy a content item:

  1. Go to a document you can edit.
  2. Click Actions > Create a Copy to open the Create a Copy dialog box.
  3. Select the content type for the copied item from the available types.
    The available options may differ if the place where the original document is stored does not support some of them, or you don't have permission to publish a particular content type there.
  4. Click Create a Copy to create a copy of the document.
  5. Edit the new item.
    Note that the title, body, and tags have all been pulled in from the original document. You can edit all of these, as well as change the place for the content before publishing.
  6. When you're finished editing, click Publish.

The new item is created based on the source item.

If you want to create a template from a document, see Creating templates.