Creating a new place template

You can create a new place template based on a currently configured place. Custom pages are not saved within the new template.

You need to have rights to edit a place to save it as a template.

Fastpath: Place > Manage > Save as new template

If you want to create a new place template, you can base one on the tiles included in an existing place you've configured and saved. For example, if you create a group by using the General Collaboration template, but add and delete some tiles to include different information in that group, you can use Save as new template to save the layout of the tiles as a Place Template. Then you can apply that template to other places you create.

Note: If you have Community Manager rights, you can save place templates as community templates so that other people in the community can use them. Alternatively, only you can see your saved templates in Your Templates.

A template saves the type, order, and layout of tiles for a place. It does not save the configuration of those tiles. If you've created lists of links using the Helpful Links tile, for example, and saved a template based on that place, places with that template applied will have the Helpful Links tile in the same position. But they will not include the link list you created. This is true even if you later reapply that template to the same group.

To create a template based on an existing place:

  1. In your place, click the Manage > Settings to open the Activity page for editing.
  2. Change the tiles until the layout looks the way you want.
  3. Click Save to save them to the current template.
    Note: Custom pages you add are not saved within the template.
  4. Click Gear icon > Save as new template and specify a name and description for the new template.
    This option becomes available only if you have customized the current template.
  5. Provide a name and tags for the new template.
    Tags are used to populate the Similar Places tile.
  6. Click Save.
The new template is saved, and you can see it under Your Templates when browsing place templates.