Creating projects

You can create and configure projects for collaborative work.

If you use the checkpoint and status functionality for tracking project tasks, you can use the old-style Overview page rather than using the Activity page in the place template format. The widgets in the Overview page more effectively support projects at this time.

Important: We do not recommend that you use widgets and widgetized Overview pages in your community. For more information, see Understanding pages in places.

To create a project:

  1. Click Pencil icon > Project.
  2. In the dialog box, select a location for the project.
    Projects are associated with a place, such as a space or a group. The place you choose determines who can see and collaborate on the project.
  3. In Name, specify an identifying name for the project.
  4. In Description, enter a brief description.
    The description appears in the user interface.
  5. In Project Start Date and Project End Date, specify the project duration.
    You should use the target date for completing the project.
  6. If necessary, change the project owner in Project Owner.
    The default owner is the person creating the project.
  7. In Tags, specify tags that can be used to find this project.
  8. If available, in Categories, select the place category of the project.
    The place categories are used to identify places while browsing. They are used to classify places and differ from content categories. This option is available if place categories are configured in your community.
  9. To enable the Overview page, click Advanced Options and select the Overview page check box.
    By default, your project uses an Activity page as its main page with the option to add more custom pages. We recommend using an Activity page because it can be displayed on mobile devices and because it's more friendly to streaming content. This option is available if widgets are enabled in your community.
  10. Click Create Project.
    The project is created.
  11. If you are using the Activity page, apply a place template to this project, as described in Applying place templates.
    Note: The default template is Team Collaboration. For more information, see General place template reference.

The project is created and you can add tasks to it. For more information, see Creating tasks.

Additionally, you can further customize the project. For more information, see Designing activity and custom pages for places.