Customizing notifications

You can set notifications for your Inbox and any of your streams so that you receive an email or mobile app notification each time a person, place, or item posts an update or you have Inbox activity.

There are a few ways to set your notifications.

Remember: You can choose the frequency of these notifications from the drop-down list next to each Inbox or stream.

When you're viewing or editing a stream

  1. On the News (or Home) page, select the stream and click the edit icon.
  2. Select Mobile, or Email, or both from Updates at the top of the page.
  3. Click Done.
Note: Mobile notifications appear in the Jive Daily Hosted app if you have it installed on your Android or iOS device. If you don't have one of these apps, mobile notifications don't have any effect.

From the unsubscribe link in the email

You can click the unsubscribe link in an email so you will no longer receive notifications. It switches the Receive notifications? option to No on your Preferences page.

From your Preferences page

  1. Go to Your avatar > Preferences.
  2. Select Yes in Receive email or mobile notifications when there is activity in the community?.
  3. Select Email or Mobile notifications for each stream and your Inbox, and select the frequency of notifications for each from the list.
  4. Click Save when you're done.
When you select All Activity, you get an email every time that stream or Inbox is updated. We recommend leaving Email cleared or choosing one of the summary options; otherwise, your email notifications could get overwhelming.

For more information about notification settings, see Notification Preferences reference.

Note: The options to change your email and Inbox notification preferences may be unavailable in your community.