Customizing your group

After you create a group, you can change it to suit your requirements.

  • You can apply a place template to quickly populate the tiles on the Activity page of your group. The default template is Team Collaboration. For more information, see Applying place templates and General place template reference.
  • You can change the place image or the banner to configure the visual presentation of your place. For the detailed procedure, see Customizing the group landing page.
  • To enable features, click Manage > Configure activity page. Click the Edit icon for the Enabled Features and Content Type tile. When it opens, you can select the types of content that your group will use. This list also controls what shows in the Content tab of the group, as well as what content types you can use to filter the Content tab.
  • To set up external storage, click Manage > Configure activity page, and then click External Stream Integration. When it opens, you can select where the files in this group will be stored.
    If your administrator has enabled a connection with an external storage provider such as Box, Dropbox, SharePoint, or Google Drive, you can set your group to synchronize document storage to that provider. Files that are uploaded to the group will be stored in external storage, rather than in Jive, and files can be added, deleted, or modified from either side.
    Note: For Box users: Although you can connect an open group to a Box folder, only community members who have joined the group can see Box documents and have their comments reflected on the Box side. Because of this limitation, it's recommended to use the Box external storage only with Members Only (Public: Restricted), Private, or Secret (Private: Unlisted) Groups.