Mark as Decision or Correct Answer?

Understand the differences between Decisions and Correct Answers and the best ways to use these features.

Mark as Decision is designed to help you take control of a conversation in the comments section of a discussion, document, or blog post. Users can easily Mark as Decision, or Mark for Action to send it to someone else for review.
The Final and Official marks for a top-level item (discussion, question, document, or blog post) are additional ways to let users know that a decision has been reached and no further discussion is needed.
More than one comment or reply per discussion, document, or blog post may be marked as a Decision, Success, or for Action.
Note that you may see all, some, or none of these marking options, depending on how your community manager has configured this feature.
Correct Answers
When the Correct Answers feature is enabled, only system administrators, place owners, and discussion authors can see the Correct Answer option on questions. There can be only one Correct Answer per question.
This feature is not limited to a certain type of space or group, but it is most useful in places that are specifically designed to answer questions quickly, such as a customer support space or a human resources group.
Community managers cannot configure the Helpful option. It is always available.