Designing blog posts

You can choose to arrest visual elements for your blog post, including images and an enlarged initial capital.

Some blogs are more word-focused and others are more image-packed. However, you can use the following information and best practices to help make your blog posts look good:

  • Include a banner image at the top. If you choose a wide image, you can select which part is displayed by using the Background Position controls while you're selecting the image. The image scales to the size of the browser or screen and fills the banner area, so you can see some variation in how the banner is presented. An image 1200 x 500 pixels typically works well.
  • If you want to use a decorative initial capital, select Enlarge the first letter in the blog post.
  • Change the size of inline images by using drag and drop. To return an image to its original size or change its alignment in relation to the text, click the image and then the image icon.