Editing custom streams

As your projects and interests change over time, so should your custom streams. Edit them to match what you need from the community at any given time. You can also delete a custom stream.

Your streams should change over time as you add and remove people, places, and content from them, depending on what you're working on and how your team, products, and tasks change over time. From any of your streams, you can hover over a place name or person's name and select Following > Stop Following or select the streams you want to follow it in. For content items, click the name of the item, and then select Actions > Follow and select or unselect the streams you'll see it in.

To edit a stream:

  1. Select the stream and click Stream Options.
  2. Drag and drop items into the stream to follow them.
  3. Click Remove from stream to remove items from the stream.
  4. When you're finished, click Done.

To delete a stream:

  • Select the stream, then click Delete stream and confirm deletion.