Email or Stream Notifications?

Here's help figuring out when you want to be notified about new activity in your streams and when you don't.

Stream and Inbox notifications

Part of the power of your community is the ability to "live" in it for most of your working hours. You can keep track of activity in your community without ever leaving it through notifications in your community Inbox and through streams.
Inbox notifications
When you collaborate on content in your community, you're automatically notified in your community Inbox when updates are made to that content.
Stream notifications
If there is content that you want to watch but have not directly collaborated on, you can follow it in a stream. When there is new activity in your streams, such as likes, comments, edits or new content, you'll see an indicator dot next to the stream name on your News (Home) page if the indicator is enabled for your community. If you hover over the indicator, you'll see a count of new activity for that stream since you last viewed it.

Activity indicator and activity count

Tip: Relying on these notifications can save you time and cut down on your emails.

Email notifications

If you want to receive email notifications, do so prudently. You may find that you rapidly accumulate hundreds of email messages in a busy community, since you'll get an email every time that stream is updated.

To receive emails in addition to Inbox and stream notifications, click your avatar > Preferences, answer Yes to Receive email or mobile notifications when there is activity in the community?, and select Email next to your Inbox or streams.

Note: The option to change your email notification preferences may be unavailable in your community.

Here are some good email notification strategies: