Exploring community

Here's an overview of the main components you can see and use in your community.

News page

The News page functions as a central news page for your community. It features a variety of streams and tiles designed to bring you the latest news and information. You won't see News if your community manager has not enabled the feature or changed the name of the News page.

The top menu of the News page organizes community activity into streams such as Following, All Activity, and your own custom streams. From any stream, you can view and interact with the activity that flows through your community. For more information about streams, see Overview of streams.

You can see the following streams on the News page by default:

News (top-level view)
The News view aggregates and displays only new content posted in your News and Following streams. However, unlike your other streams, the News view does not show content updates and comments in the stream. In addition, content that gets updated or interacted with is not posted at the top of the News view. Consequently, the News view shows only new things. For more information about the News view, see Overview of News.
Custom News streams
These streams are designed by your community manager to bring you the latest news and information. These are the streams listed next to the News stream in the top menu. For example, you could have a stream there called CEO's Blog or My Department. Note that you can't delete these streams or change the email notifications settings for them, unlike your own custom streams.
Following stream
This stream shows the activity of people, places, and content that you are following in the community. If you are new to the community, you might want to browse through People > All to begin following your teammates or other people who interest you. To see who you're following, click People > Following.
Your custom streams
Click Create New Stream to create a custom stream containing only activity related to the people, places, and items you specify. You can have one or more custom streams. For example, you might create a My Current Project stream to follow everything related to your current project. For more information about creating custom streams, see Creating custom streams.
All Activity: Most Recent stream
This stream shows all the public activity in your community that you have permission to see. Watching this can be useful if you are new to the community and want to find people, places, and content to add to your custom streams.
All Activity: Top & Trending stream
This stream shows the most valuable and interesting community activity. Here you can see items that are receiving a lot of likes and comments.

Your Inbox

Click the bell icon next to your avatar in the upper right corner to see your Inbox. Inbox includes the following pages:

Inbox includes updates to things you've participated in: direct messages, @mentions, and shares, plus any items you pulled in by following them in Inbox. For more information, see Tips for using Inbox.
Your View
Your View lets you set up a page for yourself, so that you can get to your most-used items quickly. You can change what you see from Your View whenever you want. For example, you might want to update Your View when you change projects or teams, or when you want to watch new things in your community. Note that you won't see Your View if your community manager has not enabled the feature. For more information on setting up Your View, see Using Your View.
Actions remind you to complete a task or action item that's been assigned to you. For more information, see Tips for using actions.