Finding stuff you need

Here's a quick guide on looking and finding what you need.

You can make use of the following ways to keep track of and find everything that's important to you. Note that as you develop behavior patterns in the community, Jive recommends relevant content, people, and places based on your activity.

For more information about searching, see Finding people, places, and content.

Tip: Browse the people and places that your co-worker or someone with similar interests follows by going to their profile page and click Content/People/Places > Following. This is a great way to find things you might also want to follow.
Searching for something specific
Let Jive finish your thought with its predictive searching feature. When you click the Spotlight search in the upper-right corner and start typing, Jive searches everything in your community and returns the most closely related items. You can scroll the content list to find what you need. Alternatively, you can click something listed below People or Places.
Browsing for something more general

There are a few ways you can browse people, places, and content, depending on how your community manager has set things up. To browse your own content and places you follow, click your avatar in the upper right corner, and then click Your Content or Your Places. On the page, you can use the options in the left sidebar to narrow the results by how they relate to you. For example, you may be the author of the content or a participant in the discussion. Or you can look at all content in the community.

To browse people, click either the Browse or People in your main navigation menu. From there you can sort people using the links in the left sidebar. For example, you can look for your Followers or the Org Chart.

Filtering what you're browsing
Once you're browsing, you have sorting, filtering and keyword search options, including things like sort by date, filter by tags, or search specific text, which all help you find what you need as quickly as possible. For more information on filtering, see Browse and filter content, people, and places.
Bookmarking items
From any piece of content, you can create a bookmark by clicking Actions > Bookmark in the menu in the upper right corner. Later, to see the content you've bookmarked, click the Spotlight search at the upper right corner, and then click Bookmarks. If you don't see your bookmarked item listed there, click Show all my bookmarks. For more information, see Using bookmarks.
View your history and suggestions
You can look at your community browsing history by clicking the Spotlight Search at the upper right corner, and then selecting History. If you don't see what you need from the list, click Show all my recently viewed content. You can also click Suggestions to see your frequently viewed items.